There are a few things in the world more visually stunning from the Red Rock Mountain formations of Arizona and Sedona is probably the most impressive and famous of them all. Enjoy the wonderful lifestyle you can achieve as a resident of Sedona and prove to you which is far more than just a pretty play world renowned for its remarkable natural beauty and perfect climate.

Sedona may be an excellent place to visit but is a spectacular place to live from the moment you begin the breathtaking drive into the heart of the town you are aware this is something quite special with your choice of trails the day often begins with an exhilarating walk into the red sandstone mountains, which in turn to deliver exercise and inspiration the region offers attractions for everyone from an extraordinary spiritual experience at Chapel of the Holy Cross, to the excitement of slide rock state park where the incredible natural terrain becomes a theme park with such stunning surroundings. It is difficult to find a luxury home which does not boast a wonderful location and often with access to community leisure facilities for both sport and relaxation Sedona prides itself in its cultural heritage and this is evident throughout the shopping districts which are fine quality stores and boutiques along with galleries displaying stunning artworks embracing the history and unique landscape of the region.

After a superb lunch at one of the many fine restaurants whose food is as wonderful as use the climate allows for an arc illumined goal nowhere other views quite as distracting to the golfer as here in Sedona but with numerous world-class courses to choose from you have plenty of chances to affect your swing and enjoy the fresh mountain air after winding down beside the tranquil banks of the oak creek all it is left is to prepare for the sunset as you enjoyed dinner with a view the extraordinary town of Sedona delivers a dramatic landscape of almost indescribable beauty which never diminishes in the eye of the local resident this town’s natural attributes may be what originally brings people to Sedona but the friendly people perfect climate and magnificent lifestyle are what make them stay.